Veterans Memorial & Wall of Heroes
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The Horseshoe Bend Valley Chamber is undertaking a campaign to create a Veterans Memorial. This will enable our community to honor, celebrate and grieve right here in Horseshoe Bend, the homeland of the brave men and women of the Horseshoe Bend valley who have served and currently serve our great country so selflessly. Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem residents have taken part in every American conflict since the Mexican-American War. We honor and remember their sacrifices for our great country. The nearly 400 Veterans from Horseshoe Bend & Jerusalem who have served since the Mexican War will be remembered with beautifully, locally fabricated Veteran Nameplates on the HSB Veterans Memorial Wall of Heroes.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Horseshoe Bend's Woods Veterans Memorial Park is on Veterans Day, November 11, 2022 from 2 to 5 pm. The river pump operation and five station irrigation system was donated by Don Carlisle/Casey's Smile Suicide Awareness/Wheeling for the Struggle, WinSupply, & PipeCo; 25,000 sq ft of Enduraturf sod donated by The Turf Company, grown on Brighton land, & hauled and installed by Idaho Site Works. Topsoil was donated by Cloverdale Nursery (3 loads sifted) and Premier Aggregates (48 loads unsifted). The topsoil was laid down and run off was engineered by RynoEngineering. Decorative rock is being donated by the Biggers Family. Thank you for making our riverside park so beautiful!!!

The Horseshoe Bend Veterans Memorial and Wall of Heroes was dedicated Memorial Day, 2022 within the Woods Veterans Memorial Park, located on Highway 55 just northwest of the Payette River Bridge. To view footage, click here and click here.

  • The haulers & truckers in the community pulled together days before the ceremony to haul in $20,000 of aggregates for the parking lot and Veterans Memorial pad donated by Premier Aggregates out of their Horseshoe Bend Pit. Thank you Dobson Gravel, Premier Aggregate, Ryno Engineering, Sam Cookson Trucking, Blue Mule Hauling, and Backcountry Dirt Worx!!

  • The 35 ft flagpole was installed just prior to Memorial Day, 2022, the concrete footings for the Memorial & Wall of Heroes were laid down on July 18, 2022, and the concrete was poured into the octagon metal mold built by Barreto Mfg on July 28, 2022 - the eight-sided base which will hold the Horseshoe & Eternal Flame turned out amazing!!! Many thanks to Marty Broom for his incredible concrete work!!

  • David Bailey has donated countless hours of his engineering time to create the engineering plans for the Woods Veterans Memorial Park, and the Veterans Memorial and Wall of Heroes. Thank you Bailey Engineering!!

  • Doug Bergey has dropped everything countless times to stake out, direct and troubleshoot the layout of the parking lot, the Memorial Pad and the Park. Thank you Doug Bergey!!

Both Veterans and First Responders from HSB/Jerusalem will have beautiful custom nameplates on the Wall of Heroes at no charge. Check the HSB Veteran Nameplate list by clicking here. To include a non-HSB Veteran or First Responder on the Wall of Heroes, purchase a Nameplate here.

The current HSB VETERANS LIST of nearly 400 veterans from the Horseshoe Bend/Jerusalem Valley who have served our great country since the Mexican War is available by clicking here. HSB/Jerusalem Veterans will automatically have a nameplate on the Wall at no charge - please help us make sure they are in the list & the info is accurate. The list is from the book "Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem Veteran Stories" by Donald E. Fry - please call Jess Cooper at the HSB Historical Society to purchase this book full of incredible stories of our local Veterans: (208) 861-8179.

To ensure all HSB/Jerusalem Veterans are properly honored, please contact Steve Jacobsmeyer at if you know of a local veteran who is not on the list. The following information will help to create the commemorative nameplate:

- Name and Rank

- Branch of Service

- Dates of Service (if known)

- Primary Unit

- Personal award of Purple Heart or higher

The Veterans Memorial and the Wall of Heroes will be built by local craftsmen - please scroll down for the list of participating businesses.

HSB Veterans Day Ceremony November 11, 2022 from 3-6 pm - A-10 Flyover; the Great Idaho GlowTato, Food Truck, Beverages, Games for the kids - please join us to celebrate the building of this beautiful Memorial in Woods Veterans Memorial Park!

HSB Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremony was a Tremendous Success with over 400 people in attendance despite the bad weather! The Ceremony was held at the Woods Veterans Memorial Park on Monday, May 30, 2022 from Noon to 3 pm (Across from Riverside Restaurant).
DAVE NUDO sang the National Anthem and other songs; 25th Division Army Band; Air Force A-10 Flyover was cancelled and rescheduled for Veterans Day, Nov 11, 2022; Young Honor Guard did an amazing job hoisting our flag for the first time; Ribbon Cutting; Presentation of the HSB Student-built Military Benches for the Memorial; Pepe's Food Truck; & due to bad weather the Great Idaho GlowTato in the spud shaped van couldn't make it over the Hill.
HSB Legion, VFW Post 63, HSB Veterans, HSB First Responders, Veterans & Patriot MC Assn, Combat Vets and many other veterans and first responders joined us to Dedicate the HSB Veterans Memorial. To view footage, click here and click here.

HSB High School students built these Veterans Memorial Benches under the direction of Eric Moore! Metal & Powder Coating donated by Baretto Mfg.

Come celebrate the new HSB Veterans Memorial with us on November 11, 2022 at Woods Veterans Memorial Park!

The City of Horseshoe Bend in the Fall of 2020 generously donated a place in Horseshoe Bend's City Park, with the City Council subsequently directing the location to the City's larger Woods Veterans Memorial Park, located just northwest of the bridge into Horseshoe Bend beside the Payette River, to house the Veterans Memorial. The community celebrated with a Ceremony on Veterans Day, 2020; and a Dedication Ceremony on Memorial Day, 2022. Our next event is Veterans Day, November 11, 2022 at Woods Veterans Memorial Park - please join us!

Clearly visible from Highway 55/Payette River Scenic Byway bridge into Horseshoe Bend, the Memorial will be a giant Horseshoe similar in shape and rendering to the Welcome to Horseshoe Bend horseshoe, with an eternal flame within its upright curves, set atop a 6' diameter, 3' tall hexagonal concrete base embedded with six bronze seals representing each military branch.

Benches built by members of the HSB High School Class and hardscaping will surround the Memorial. Standing next to the Memorial will be a 6' tall and 20' long Wall of Heroes, with room for up to 750 gorgeous nameplates to honor all veterans and first responders. Centered behind the Wall, a 35' flagpole and American Flag was installed by Marty Broom just prior to the May 30, 2022 Noon-3 pm Dedication Ceremony in Woods Veterans Memorial Park. Uplighting of the Veterans Memorial, Wall of Heroes, Flag and flagpole will surround the Memorial.

All of the work on the Woods Veterans Memorial Park, the Veterans Memorial and Wall of Heroes is being done locally in the Horseshoe Bend valley by our trucking, aggregate, design, engineering, metal, concrete, masonry, dirt-moving, hardscaping, electrical, powder-coating, laser etching, irrigation, landscaping and other artists and craftsmen within our community and the greater veteran community - please thank them!!

Participating Local Companies & Craftsmen:
Steve Dobson, Don Hess and crew at Dobson Gravel: soil testing, scraping, hauling aggregates and rolling gravel parking lot and pad for Veterans Memorial at Woods Veterans Memorial Park; Doug Bergey surveying and staking; Premier Aggregates donation of 1000 yards of pit run and 340 yards of 3/4 road mix from the HSB Pit; Backcountry DirtWorx, Cookson Construction, Mike Renfro trucking & hauling of donated aggregates; David & Kristin Bailey, Bailey Engineering, Design and Engineering Plans for Veterans Memorial and Wall of Heroes, and Woods Veterans Memorial Park, including donation of funds to complete Survey and provision of infill; Marty Broom - installation of 35' Flagpole, and custom built 3'x6' concrete round base for Memorial, and concrete footings for the Veterans Memorial and Wall of Heroes (installed July 18, 2022); Marty Broom: custom 6'x20'x2' Wall of Heroes concrete masonry wall; Luke Baretto, Baretto Mfg, Laser Cut-out and Metal for 8' Horseshoe, powder-coating of Horseshoe, metal mold for octagon concrete base for Horseshoe, donation of metal & powder-coating for HSB High School Student-Built Benches, use of lift equipment to raise 35 foot flagpole, donation of metal Veteran Nameplates for Wall of Heroes; Bo Fisher, FabCo, welding of custom 8' Horseshoe and creation of eternal flame metal artwork; Shawn Surgeon, Electrician, Bridge Lights, Woods Veterans Memorial Park electric needs, Memorial & Wall of Heroes Lighting; installation of Eternal Flame; Kenny Beckman - donation of time and discount on materials for hardscaping; Todd Sellman, Primary Electric, donation of labor for installation of 400 amp power; Blaine Bergin II, Northwest Hardscapes Sweet, donation of hardscaping for Memorial; Shaleesa Stevens and Kristin Bailey, Design & Rendering of Memorial and Wall of Heroes; Mike Briggs, Custom Laser Engraving of Veteran Nameplates; Student-crafted Metal Benches - HSB High School Shop Class.

References for HSB Veterans Nameplates: Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem Veteran Stories by Donald E. Fry; Horseshoe Bend Pioneer Cemetery Board of Directors; Steve Jacobsmeyer outreach to local veterans to add names at

HUGE thank you to all of the amazing entertainers who donated their time and talents for our Veterans Memorial & Wall of Heroes Concert Fundraiser, which took place on Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 2 to 6 pm with free admission -
Woods Veterans Memorial Park in HSB (across Hwy 55 from Riverside Restaurant) - moved to City Park due to rain
LIVE MUSIC, Food Truck & Fun!! HSB Elementary School Children: It's a Grand Old Flag; ; The L+J Experience; Watson's Mystery Cafe & Spirits Comedy Improv Troup; Buddy DeVore & the Faded Cowboys; The Hungry Shepard Food Truck & FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!
The Chamber raised $1,212.75 with a huge turnout from our Horseshoe Bend community.

HSB Veterans Memorial Casino Night Saturday, June 19, 2021 Heartfelt THANK YOU to the 88 members of the community that joined us on the Deck overlooking the majestic Payette River at the Locking Horns Riverside Restaurant for the Chamber's HSB Veterans Memorial Casino Night Fundraiser! Thank you ARM for the idea and the help in executing it!!

We had 9 Vegas-Style tables & Professional Dealers Donating their time, made possible by table sponsors & prize donors

Thank you to Our Table Sponsors:
Craps Table - sponsored by HMH llc
Craps Table - sponsored by RynoWorks
Texas Hold'Em Table - sponsored by Alliance Title
Texas Hold'Em Table - sponsored by Premier Aggregates
Roulette Table - sponsored by Baretto Manufacturing
21 Table - sponsored by Riverside Restaurant
21 Table - sponsored by Josh Cornier Realty
21 Table - sponsored by Fleming Law Offices

Compelling High-Roller Prizes were awarded throughout the evening courtesy of the following Generous Donors:

High Roller Gifts: donated value $2,500+:

  • REcoAir - The Jon Odorless Toilet $699

  • Gold Mine - Dinner & Overnight Stay $150

  • Historic 2nd Floor AirBnB - 2 nights $170

  • High Desert Harley Davidson Giant Wall Clock - $135

  • Wild Edge - Purple charcuterie Board $100

  • Sweet Animal Sanctuary 2 night stay, breakfast, tour & wine Value $250

  • Ironclad Freedom Exploding Targets - Value $200

  • Dude Dewalt Wineries - Wine Tour Basket $125

  • Edge - Tiny Home Scavenger 2 night stay value $170

  • Edge - Tiny Home Papablue 2 night stay value $170

  • Cascade Rafting - Raft Trip on Payette River $100

  • The She Shoppe - Basket of goodies & $50 certificate - value $100

  • Sonora - dinner certificates $100

  • Zip Idaho - zip line adventure for 4 value $160

  • Anderson Reserve dinner $200

  • Arcadian Outfitters - Carthartt XL Storm Defender Men’s Jacket - value $165

  • Mass Mutual & Salon 55 Gift Certificate for Salon Services & Products value $150

  • Volcano Farms - Two of the best pies in Idaho!

  • Thank you Mike Briggs for Limited Edition HSB Veterans Memorial Travel Mugs & Ball Caps!

Raffle Prize:
Custom Military Knife donated by Gem State Knives - Value $250

5 Silent Auction Items:

ARM Raffle Basket - Class, Ammo, $50 Gift Cert - value $250

Whitehorse Basket of Idaho goodies - value $150

ARM Bullet Bucket & Two Custom Veterans Memorial engraved P-Mag - value $250

ARM Self Defense Class - value $150

Whitehorse Grocery - basket of goodies - value $125

4 Live Auction Items:

High Desert Harley Davidson Rolling Wooden & Metal Industrial Bar Cart - value $388

Framed Memphis Belle print signed by the Captain - priceless

Mustang Towing, Tire & Service - Adventure Basket with 50 mile Tow paired with Lust for Rust - Adorable Antique Truck Towing an Old-School Trailer - value $450

Concealed weapons class - value $100

Donations to the Veterans Memorial are being accepted here.