Build Team & Major Donors
Woods Veterans Memorial Park
Donations to the Veterans Memorial are being accepted here.

Please visit our facebook page  for great photos of all of our events and the creation of our beautiful new Veterans Memorial at our new riverside Veterans Park!   HSB Valley Chamber | Facebook 

Veterans Memorial & Wall of Heroes Build Team:
Marty Broom, Dave Wild & Dave Wilson; Shawn Surgeon & Uriah Womack; Bo Fisher, Glenn Brooks & Marty Karling; Luke & Stephen Barreto; David & Kristin Bailey; Doug Bergey; Don & Scott Carlisle; Blaine Bergin II; Mayor Pat Goff, Jobie Catherman & Jake Wolsleben; Mike Briggs; Phil Tschida, Steve Leach; Kimberly Welsh

Thank you Luke & the entire Barreto Family:
Major Donor
Donation of metal mold for concrete octagon base.
Donation of horseshoe metal and nameplate material.
Donation of metal and powder-coating for military benches.

Thank you Blaine Bergin & Northwest Hardscape Specialities for the full donation of custom pavers and hardscaping!

Thank you Bo Fisher, Glenn Brooks & Marty Karling of FabCo Welding!!
Design ideas from inception.
Building of our magnificent Horseshoe  Memorial.
Welding of river pump pipe.

Thank you Marty Broom, our Pastor & Concrete Mason Master for installing the 35' flag pole, creating the gorgeous concrete octagon base, attaching the military seals to the base, creating the Wall of Heroes, and the pouring the base for the Pumphouse!

Thank you Jobie Catherman and Jake Wosleben for building the Modern Rustic river pumphouse and keeping the new grass so gorgeously green!

Thank you David & Kristin:  Major Donor
Donation of nearly $20,000 in land pro information, engineering expertise & design for the Woods Veterans Memorial Park, Wall of Heroes and the Veterans Memorial!

Thank you Phil Tschida & Steve Leach for Veterans nameplates rail system; & attaching the military branch medallions!

Woods Veterans Memorial Park Major Donors of Five Station Irrigation System, Grass Sod, Delivery & Installation of Sod:

25,000 sq ft of Eduraturf sod

Grown on Brighton Development land

Five Station Irrigation System

Full donation of river pump irrigation system

Installation of sod:

Donation of 48 truckloads of topsoil:

Woods Veterans Memorial Park Parking Lot and Memorial Pad Major Donors:

$18,000 in donated aggregates & topsoil!!
Thank you Lane & Evan!!

Dobson Gravel led the hauling and placement of donated aggregates and topsoil for Horseshoe Bend's Woods Veterans Memorial Park

Thank you Steve, Don, Mike, Jason & Jake!!

Hauling of donated aggregates

Thank you Jay and Tanner!!

$1,000 in donated pipes & sprinklers - thank you PipeCo!

Hauling - thank you Mike Renfro!

Hauling - thank you Sam Cookson!

Hauling & rolling of donated aggregates, hauling of donated topsoil, spreading of soil and execution of water runoff design Thank you Ryan & Timber Haskins!!!

Major Donors (additional funds beyond donated labor/materials):
$5,000 +:  Barreto Family; Welsh Family
$4,000:  David & Kristin Bailey; Locking Horns Riverside Restaurant; Dan Richter,  Avimor
$1,000 to $3,000:  Woods Family; Drake Family; Fry Family; Sweet Animal Sanctuary - Nicole & Drew Cundiff; Jerry Kelleher; Tim Reid CBRE; Carlisle Family - Casey's Smile Suicide Awareness; Idaho Power; Perpetua Resources; Biggers Family; Albertsons Foundation; Cloverdale Plumbing; Primary Electric; INPC; High Desert Harley Davidson; Cloverdale Nursery; Flag Pole Farm; WinSupply; Valley Supply; Goff Plumbing; Pro Rental; VFW Post 142; Veterans & Patriots Association

Special thanks to Kaylene Woods for leading the Woods Veterans Memorial Park planning team, Phase II and beyond.

Deep appreciation to Steve Jacobsmeyer for augmenting the list of Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem Valley Veterans, to Jim White and the VFW Post 142 for their ongoing support and expertise, and to the Combat Vets and Veterans and Patriots Association.

We could not have begun this endeavor to honor our local veteran heroes without Donald E. Fry's incredible book "Horseshoe Bend and Jerusalem Veteran Stories", Second Edition.  Copies on sale at Horseshoe Hardware and at the Horseshoe Bend Historical Society: