So Many Recreational Adventures
in Horseshoe Bend!
HSB Kayak Park & Fish Ladder "The Gutter" - click here!
Horseshoe Bend's Cascade Ropes Course & Zip Line on the mighty Payette River
Horseshoe Bend's Zip Idaho Zip Lines
Roystone Hot Springs:  Since 1890 - click here
Whitewater Rafting with Horseshoe Bend's own Cascade Rafting

Unique, Inspired Shopping at Train Depot next to Riverside Restaurant, The She Shoppe and Huckle & Sage - Grab some huckleberry ice cream while you're there.  Run up to Volcano Farm Stand at the Chevron for the best pie in Idaho.

Please join the HSB Valley Chamber!  Click  here.

Welcome to our fun little river community, located right on the banks of the majestic Payette River, and home to some of the most incredible recreation adventures on the planet, including:

The best whitewater rafting in the lower 48 states with HSB's own Cascade Raft & Kayak. 208-793-2221
7050 Highway 55, Horseshoe Bend

Environmentally-friendly adventure ropes course above the spectacular North Fork of the Payette River with HSB's own Cascade Raft & Kayak's Ropes Challenge & Zip Lines 208-793-2221
7050 Highway 55, Horseshoe Bend

280 acres of Zip Lining over our pristine mountain valleys above Horseshoe Bend at Zip Idaho.  (Closed due lack of staff.)

Unlimited trail access radiating out from Horseshoe Bend to thousands of acres of BLM and Boise National Forest Lands for your razors, quads, dirtbikes, hikes, mining, hunting and every other kind of outdoor adventure!!

STOCKED fishing pond just northeast of HSB at our beloved Mill Pond.  LEAVE NO TRACE we are watching you...

Sweet Animal encounters at the Sweet Animal Sanctuary & Air BnB on Hwy 52 in Horseshoe Bend.  907-750-1441 

Other Adventure Highlights:

Hot Springs at the Roystone, since 1890 a healing waters destination for visitors from all over the world.

HSB Kayak Park adventures in our Payette River Fish Ladder in Horseshoe Bend.  Horseshoe Bend's own Tren Long & Isabell Long train here!

The HSB Kayak Park:
The Nation’s First Integrated Fish Ladder and Whitewater Course – When a new hydropower plant was proposed on the Payette River, fish passage was required to fulfill the license requirements. The community enthusiastically supported a multiple-use engineering design which would also provide whitewater recreation. The combination was a resounding success and a national first.

A Low Hazard, Maintenance-Free Design – The design for the Payette River “Gutter,” which was developed by principals at McLaughlin Water Engineers, Ltd., resulted in…1.  Predictable holes and waves during flows ranging from 1,300 to 19,500 cfs;
2.  A successful, seasonal passage for resident trout:
3.  A whitewater competition venue;
4.  A robust design which has required neither boulder replacement nor structural maintenance in over twenty years since its completion

Live Music at Riverside Restaurant on the Deck overlooking the majestic Payette River & at the Longbranch Saloon!

Horse Jumping with world-class equestrians at Long Farms on Highway 52 in Horseshoe Bend

Jumping off the Train Trestle Bridge to begin a leisurely 1 hour (to old flight park) to 5 hour (Montour bridge) float down the lower main of the Payette River, keeping company with eagles & mule deer.

Five star meals & music plus a whiskey and cigar bar silo at the gorgeous Anderson Reserve just up the Lower Payette River Heritage Byway (Hwy 52) in Sweet.  Gorgeous scenic drive along Sweet/Ola Road to Anderson Reserve, for fresh cut steaks, live music and fine dining.  Request the helicopter sunset tour!

Fishin' in the Payette River!

Fishin' at the stocked Mill Pond!

Thousands of ATV and Jeep trails in and around Horseshoe Bend & Jerusalem.

Sightseeing on Harris Creek Road and up Porter Creek Road to Jerusalem Valley Campground and Events Center.  Check out the GIANT SWING!!

Ordering up fresh lamb and petting them while you wait at RC Homestead.