Veteran's Memorial
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Donations are being accepted here.

The Horseshoe Bend Valley Chamber is undertaking a campaign to create a Veterans' Memorial. This will enable our community to honor, celebrate and grieve right here in Horseshoe Bend, the homeland of the brave men and women of the Horseshoe Bend valley who have served and currently serve our great country so selflessly.

The City of Horseshoe Bend in the Fall of 2020 generously donated a place in City Park to house the Veterans' Memorial; and the community celebrated with a Ground Ceremony on Veteran's Day.

Clearly visible from Highway 55/Payette River Scenic Byway, the Memorial will be a giant Horseshoe similar in shape and rendering to the Welcome to Horseshoe Bend horseshoe, with an eternal flame within its upright curves, set atop a bed of river rock..

Benches and landscaping will surround the Memorial. Standing next to the Memorial will be the flag pole and American Flag, with solar lighting above. Uplighting of Memorial, Flag and flag pole will be embedded in the ground, surrounding the Memorial in additional light.

Donations are being accepted here.